Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cinecyde (Detroit, MI) "Enemy Man" / Mandatory Music LP (Tremor Records, 1981)

Detroit's Cinecyde formed in 1976 and put out the first of their many fine records in 1977 ("Gutless Radio"). The band members ran the long-running Tremor Records label (which did a respectable job of documenting the motor city new wave scene) and it was Tremor that put out this compilation and all of the Cinecyde vinyl. The group became an early live staple at all the motor city waver dumps and they are surprisingly still together playing gigs and recording; check out their Facebook page for updates on upcoming shows and song downloads. The track "Enemy Man" is from the '81 Tremor comp Mandatory Music (it also turned up later on their 1982 LP). This bit of hype is from the original Mandatory Music liner notes: "Cinecyde's first single, "Gutless Radio", issued in the fall of 1977, was a milestone both for Tremor, with its premier issue, and the Detroit music scene, with its first bona-fide punk-influenced record. The disc also introduced what would prove to be the trademark Cinecyde sound: nasally, snarling chants of vocalist Gary Reichel, the menacing, trebled out guitar of Jim Olenski, the penetrating thrusts of bassist Clay Albertson and drummer Rodger Wesch. Here we have..."Enemy Man", which should be a preview of Cinecyde's forthcoming album, I Left My Heart in Detroit City."


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