Saturday, May 4, 2013

F-Models (Akron, OH) "It's Not Right" / T.M.I. 015: A Compilation LP (T.M.I. Products, 1982)

Akron had lots of unwarranted musical hype but very few bands that were actually worth listening to (not unless the Waitresses or Tin Huey were your thing). It wasn't until the F-Models started in 1980 that the rubber city had a new band to brag about; these guys took their cues from the Pagans and played good basic stripped down punk rock. The group consisted of Bill Ferrell (guitar), Steve Fender (bass), Steve McKee (drums) and Robert ("Iggy" or "Ig Nition") Morningstar on vocals. They managed to release 2 solid singles on T.M.I. (and this compilation track) before vocalist Iggy hung himself in 1983 and then the F-Models were no more.

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