Saturday, May 4, 2013

Coldcock (Detroit, MI) "You" / Detroit on a Platter LP (AutoMotive Records, 1981)

Coldcock live at Bookies in Detroit circa 1979


Coldcock were a Detroit punk band that was active from 1978-1981 and "You" was their last recorded output. In 1979 they released the classic single, "I Wanna be Rich / You're a Mess", on the local IDBI Records label; the a-side of that single was later comped in 1989 on the first Killed by Death volume. Touch & Go zine went as far as calling Coldcock "Detroit's finest" during the band's short-lived heyday. Guitarist Vince Bannon helped to run the city's premier punk venue Bookies in the late '70s and the band was a regular featured attraction there; later in the '80s Bannon became a successful concert promoter around Detroit and booked concerts at Clutch Cargo's. After the band broke up Drummer Bob Mulrooney (also in the Sillies and the Ramrods) began performing under the name Bootsey X (and the Lovemasters) and could usually and probably still be found playing somewhere in Hamtramck.

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