Saturday, May 4, 2013

Razor (Baltimore, MD) "Troll" / The Best of Baltimore's Buried LP (Balto Weird Records, 1979)

Razor was a short-lived B-more band put together by the late guitarist Kraig "Trixy" Krixer (Trixy & the Testones, Accused, Orange Wedge). The group was born out of the Baltimore Marble Bar punk/wave scene in the late '70s and it featured Kraig's brother Chris Krixer on bass and Oho's Jay Grabowski (as "Jewels LaRobert") on 2nd guitar. Razor never released anything else but there should be a decent studio tape somewhere with other tracks (from the "Troll" session) waiting to be heard. Kraig Krixer later joined Oho and played on numerous recordings in the next couple decades. Sadly, in 2011 Krixer's partially decomposed body was found in his apartment; police initially investigated the death as suspicious but later found the cause of death to be from "hyperthermia in connection with excessive alcohol consumption."

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